Study of the purposes and function of Christian ministry

MIS 102: Introduction to Missions
Develop an understanding of the current state of world missions as well as your own place in that function within the Kingdom of God by examining past missionaries, current practices, and future trends. 

Required Texts: 

Missions Basics by Dorsey Burk, is available as an ebook or hard copy from Pentecostal Publishing House.

Sensing God's Direction by James Poitras, download from the course materials

Reading Requirements

Read Missions Basics by Dorsey Burk and Sensing God's Direction by James Poitras

Quiz Requrements

In each section there will be a short quiz that will help determine how well you understood the materials. By taking each quiz you affirm that your book and notes are closed and out of sight, and that no one is helping you take the quiz in any way. You are allowed to use the text from a Bible in English or your mother language. You are not allowed to use any other parts of your Bible including maps, dictionary, concordance, or commentary. You may also use a dictionary.

Other Course Requirements

Complete Interviews with two currently serving missionaries