Study of Biblical Hebrew

HEB 101: Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (Prerequisite: BIB 101 Old Testament Survey)

Enrich your study, enrich your life. Experience the power of scripture through loshan hakodesh—the holy tongue it was originally penned in.

There is no language like Biblical Hebrew.  The earliest roots of this ancient Semitic language go back over 4000 years.  In fact, many have called Biblical Hebrew loshan hakodesh or the holy tongue.

The Hebrew Bible has been a primary source for many academic fields of study.  Archaeology, epigraphy, history, theology, geography, poetry, law, and literature have all been greatly impacted by the power of Biblical Hebrew.

Required Text: 

JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh: The Traditional Hebrew Text and the New JPS Translation (Amazon link)


Jeremy Lang, D.D.

Quiz Requirements

In each section there will be a short quiz that will help determine how well you understood the materials. By taking each quiz you affirm that your book and notes are closed and out of sight, and that no one is helping you take the quiz in any way. You are allowed to use the text from a Bible in English or your mother language. You are not allowed to use any other parts of your Bible including maps, dictionary, concordance, or commentary. You may also use a dictionary.