Topic outline

  • Welcome to WMU

    On behalf of World Missions University, we want to welcome you to your first steps toward a journey into the Word of God like none other. This class serves as an introduction to WMU as well as a tutorial on how to navigate our website more efficiently and effectively. When you finish this intro course, you will be familiar with the admissions and academic requirements for each of the degree programs, grading, textbooks, and our own Code of Ethics. You will also become familiar with the unique interface used across the platform. These activity and resource symbols will become more familiar to you as you begin to use them in this first class, then use them in your other classes, to help you reach competency in each of the class goals and objectives. Some will be easy to master. Others less so. Don't give up. We have an interest in seeing you succeed, so ask questions. Let us know how we can help.

    • Admission Requirements

      A minimum education level of successful completion of 12th grade, class XII, or the equivalent is required for the Bachelor of Theology program. If the student has not completed the academic requirement upon successful completion of their studies at WMU, they will be awarded a Graduate Certificate. If they later complete the minimum education requirement, their Graduate Certificate can be converted to a BTh degree.

      • Fees

        Tuition and fees are set at rates normative for the nation in which the student resides. Please request the current list of fees before enrolling in your first class.

        If you are a member of one of the groups below, you may qualify for free or reduced tuition:

        • ALJC Mission's America Adopt-a-City Pastors
        • Apostolic Theological Institute English Section Graduates
        • Abundant Life Theological College, New Delhi
        • Scism Christian University, New Delhi campus only
        • Leadership Academy, Mt. Hagen, Papua New Guinea

        No fees are refundable after a course is started.

        If you cannot afford the current fees, you may be able to qualify for scholarship funds if you can demonstrate a financial need. There is no reason why any student who qualifies and desires to study at WMU should be turned away.

        Currently, the scholarships available are:

        James D. and Sharon F. Manning Scholarship Fund

        This fund is available to all students who can demonstrate a financial need. The scholarship will pay all or part of the enrollment fee and class fees. A minimum grade of C is required to continue receiving help from this fund.

        • Bachelor of Theology Requirements

          In order to get a Bachelor of Theology degree from World Missions University, you are required to successfully complete the current list of required classes. This list may change without notice, so it is important you download this list when you enroll as it is part of your agreement with WMU. If the list would change, you would only have to take the classes that were on your original list.

          As you complete each required class, WMU will keep a record of the grade you earned for each class. You can also keep a record on your own list of classes to monitor how well you are doing and how close you are to completing your degree.

          Previous work

          If you are a previous student of one of the listed institutions, some of your course work may substitute for work toward your WMU BTh degree.

          • Apostolic Theological Institute English Section Graduates
          • Abundant Life Theological College, New Delhi
          • Scism Christian University, New Delhi campus only
          • Leadership Academy, Mt. Hagen, Papua New Guinea

          • Academic Grading

            The following grading scale will be in effect for all subjects taught at WMU.

            Grade                     Percentage
             A                         90 – 100
             B                         80 – 89
             C                         70 – 79
             D                         60 – 69
             F                         Below 60
             I                        Incomplete

            • Course Textbooks

              You are required to purchase any and all course textbooks. You may purchase hard copy where available, or electronic copy such as an ebook. Each course describes these textbooks at the beginning as well as links where you may order them.

              • WMU Code of Ethics

                World Missions University is an Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ institution. All WMU students are expected to maintain the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct regarding coursework while enrolled in any WMU course. Our behavior must be guided by principles found in the Word of God, such as Philippians 1:27, “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” WMU reserves the right to disqualify any student who knowingly violates standards of ethical behavior while undertaking any class. In all cases, “every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.” (2 Corinthians 13:1) Decisions by the administration may be appealed to the WMU Board of Regents through processes they have established.

                • Activity Symbols

                  This lesson will help you identify and use the symbols and course sections in the WMU website. Each symbol below will lead you to a definition and its normal use you may find in the lessons you will find here.

                • Resource Symbols

                • Final Exam